Annveshan’s MyFAME – Holistic Wealth Creation, Management and Protection Solutions for HNIs

Annveshan’s MyFAME – Holistic Wealth Creation, Management and Protection Solutions for HNIs

From monitoring investments, tax management, asset protection to succession planning, MyFAME helps manage all by partnering in building one’s life balance sheet.

Wealth management and protection are challenging concerns for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). With assets spread across stocks and bonds, convertibles, structured products, properties, businesses, trusts, and private equities, they struggle to create a balanced asset allocation in their overall portfolio, even with help from the experts. Their bankers offer solutions with a micro understanding of the HNI and not based on the bigger picture of their life — leading to solutions that aren’t geared to help them achieve their goals, be it individual or business. To compound the problem, HNIs depend on multiple advisors – Wealth Managers, Tax Consultants, Legal Advisors and others who operate independently of each other and only deal with specific sections of the portfolio. This is a time-consuming process and not the optimum way for HNIs to manage their wealth while focusing on goals which go beyond wealth management.
What HNIs need is a holistic and tailor-made approach for their Financial, Regulatory & Compliance management. At Annveshan, that’s exactly what we’re offering through our MyFAME initiative. MyFAME is a customised approach to asset management – one that clocks a handsome ROI along with the much-desired peace of mind.

MyFAME is a one-stop solution for HNIs wherein our team of experts take a consolidated view of the client’s assets, both domestic and international, and customise a Portfolio Management & Execution Support Service to achieve short and long term goals of the client. Other than imparting advice on how much and where to invest, which is the domain expertise of investment advisors, MyFAME manages all other aspects of the client’s financial life.

HNIs benefit from MyFAME in several ways. The key advantages are:

  1. Proactive coordination with investment advisors, bankers, brokers and multiple consultants on the client’s behalf, making it a convenient and smooth engagement,
  2. A periodic reporting mechanism designed to hold all the consultants accountable for their deliverables. These reports give an overview of the financial performance of investments, global tax and reporting compliance, documentation status on all financial transactions, asset protection, succession planning, and contract management and more.

All in all, MyFAME is your personal financial controller. 

Annveshan is one of the leading Financial Support Services in South India offering a wide suite of advisory services across Financial Planning, Due Diligence, Tax Advisory, Estate and Succession Planning to individuals and businesses.

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